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Just what is a doodle video animation and why do I need one?

Doodle video animations or whiteboard animation as they are also called, are short (usually around 60 second) videos, consisting of text and images on a whiteboard background. They can be used to explain your product or service, answer some of your frequently asked questions or just to entertain!

Placing a whiteboard animation on your website will increase the time that a visitor spends on your website page which in Google’s eyes is a good indication that your website is providing information that is useful and relevant making it much more likely that you will end up on the prized first page of Google listings.

Sharing your doodle animation on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter can bring you lots of extra traffic that would otherwise never have found your website and more traffic means more sales!

If you would like a doodle video animation for your website, just go to the Get A Quote page and we can get creative together!